2015 Board Members Biography

Urs Bockli, President

Born in Zurich, graduate Betriebsoekonom Fachhochschule Zurich. Transferred to Detroit in 1978 by Burroughs Corporation (Unisys). Married to Esther Bockli, retired Detroit Teacher, 3 daughters and 2 grandsons. Member since the mid 1980’s. VP Marketing and Business Development at Paramount Technologies, Walled Lake, MI, and part-time Lecturer at UofM Dearborn. Ties to Switzerland through my family and fraternity. Interested in the preservation of the 140+ year history of the Detroit Swiss Society, growing the membership to descendants of Swiss immigrants and individuals with ties to Swiss culture and society.

Alice Boos-Bochsler, Vice President of Membership


Born in Basel Switzerland. Immigrated to the US in 1969. Married to Franz Boos (technology carrier of the Swiss developed fine blanking process to the Automotive industry). Three children; all born in the US with 7 grandchildren, currently living in Tampa, FL, Romeo, MI and Philadelphia, PA. Strong ties to Switzerland while maintaining the Swiss culture, sharing and promoting the Swiss heritage in America. US citizen and member of the DSS society since 1972.

Webmaster/Newsletter Editor: Josef Lorenzi

Member of the DSS since 1983. Professional career in the manufacturing industry as marketing manager for a Swiss based company. I enjoy photography, travel and contacts with all Swiss and friends of Switzerland.

Vice President of Correspondence: Shelly Burnside

Born in Detroit, have a Swiss passport from Domat/Ems GR.  Loved living in Switzerland for 16 years (VS, AG, SG, ZH), before moving back to the US in 2013.  Have worked for many Swiss companies (Jelmoli, Swiss Re) before my current employer (Microsoft -- both in Switzerland and in the US).  Enjoy bridging the Swiss-European worlds and happy to be a member of the Swiss Detroit Society.

Nicolas (Rudy) Kohn, Vice President of Entertainment

I am married and have three wonderful children, my wife Maria Clara and I live in Flushing Mich. I have lived in the Detroit area since 1965, also in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia, South America. I returned to the Detroit area in 1996 after having been gone for 10 years in Arizona and Texas. On my professional side I work in project management for a Swedish company in the Auburn Hills area and have been there for 17 years. I enjoy the participation in the DSS as it allows me to learn more about Switzerland and its people.

Jim Hallock, Treasurer

I was born in Pontiac Mi and graduated from Michigan State in metallurgical engineering. I have lived in many parts of the US but mainly in the Michigan area. My connection to Switzerland is through Cilla Tomas when I married her in 1986. We enjoy our regular visits to Switzerland and her friends have become my friends and vice versa. We have two children and three grandchildren.

Marlies Richardson, Trustee

I came to the US in 1962 . I have been a member of the Swiss Society since 1968. I am now retired, but still work out of my house as a travel agent. I enjoy skiing, gardening and also photography. I enjoy knowing all my Swiss friends and all my Swiss connections.

Gusti Stadler, Trustee

gusti stadler

I was born and raised in Switzerland. I immigrated to Denmark and later Sweden and earned my mechanical engineering degree in Sweden. I speak Swedish fluently. After 11 years there I was sent to the US in 1962 where I managed both Swedish and Swiss subsidiaries. I have one daughter and two grandchildren. I still keep in touch with both my Swiss and Swedish families. 


Sun Mar 18 @ 2:00PM - 05:00PM
Fondue Party
Sun May 20 @ 2:00PM - 05:00PM
Annual Meeting
Sun Aug 05 @12:00PM - 05:00PM
Swiss National Day Picnic
Sun Dec 09 @ 2:00PM - 05:00PM
Christmas Party