The Detroit Swiss Society’s objective is to provide its members of all ages with ample opportunity to form friendships, foster and promote Swiss culture through a variety of social functions, informal gatherings, interaction with other clubs, and participating in national and international events. Our Membership of close to two hundred includes persons of Swiss descent and friends of Switzerland.


I. The purpose of the Detroit Swiss Society (DSS) is for the promotion of better understanding between the Detroit area Swiss, their taking part in social gatherings and their giving aid to members in distress.

II. Any Swiss, Swiss descendant, or friend of Switzerland who has a reputable character, can become a member.

III. The officers of the DSS shall consist of:  

1. President.

2. Vice President – Membership Officer

3. Vice President – Correspondence Officer

4. Vice President – Entertainment Committee Officer

5. Vice President – Treasurer

IV. Three (3) Trustees shall oversee the effective leadership by the DSS officers. The trustees shall be responsible to hold and run annual elections. The trustees shall audit financial documents at least once annually, and more often as warranted. The trustees shall prepare a yearly financial report for the presentation at the general meeting. The trustees, in close co-operation with the officers, shall see that all assets of the DSS are deposited in a reputable bank, in the name of the Detroit Swiss Society. The trustees shall relieve officers who are not promptly doing their jobs.

V. The term of office is one year, but any officer may be re-elected.

VI. The election of officers shall be held at the general meeting each year.

VII. Only members of good standing, who have belonged to the DSS for not less than one (1) year, can be elected to office.

VIII. Should any office become vacant during the year, said office may be filled through election at any regular meeting.

* IX. The order of business shall be addressed at the general meeting and in quarterly newsletters. Topics include:

• Applications of new members

• Treasury report

• Sick reports

• Correspondence

• Committee reports

• New or unfinished business

X. Meetings shall be held at a place and time designated by the DSS.

XI. The DSS shall not be dissolved as long as there are enough members to form an average quorum of 20 at annually scheduled events. Should the future membership decide in favor of dissolving the DSS, such a decision must be proposed in writing and undersigned by no less than two-thirds of the paid membership for that year.

XII. In case of dissolution, the remaining assets of the society shall be donated to charities as voted on by the membership present at a final meeting. 


Duties of Officers:

I. It is the duty of the officers to preside over all meetings. The officers shall support one another towards effective leadership of the DSS. Any officer who cannot attend a DSS meeting or function shall be responsible to prepare other officers to stand in for his or her duties.

II. The President shall overseeing all organizational affairs and provide leadership to other officers and elected committees. The President shall provide a brief report of the condition of the DSS during all regular meetings and in quarterly newsletters.

III. All Vice Presidents shall act to support the organization, working together with other board members, trustees, and committees. Each Vice President shall be responsible to manage a respective responsibilities:

a. Membership Officer – responsible to solicit new membership, including collection and recording of applications. The Membership officer shall maintain a complete and accurate list of member names and addresses. At the beginning of each year a membership list shall be distributed to club members.

b. Correspondence Officer – responsible to record meeting minutes and to prepare and mail/e-mail quarterly newsletters.

c. Entertainment Committee Officer – responsible to organize and oversee committees for preparing/hosting planned club events.

d. Treasurer – shall collect all income of the society and issue receipts. This officer is to keep an accurate set of books. He or she shall pay out all monies the board decides on. He or she shall pay all monies due on behalf of the DSS in a timely manner. All monies shall be kept in a bank and it is the Treasurer’s duty to safe-keep the bank book. He or she shall on request of the Trustees present all books, monies and documents for audit. The officer holder shall manage an expense allowance in an amount limited to support club activities.

IV. The DSS officers as a whole shall be responsible for custodianship of all DSS owned equipment, belongings and historical records.

V. The DSS officers shall make efforts to maintain ties with other North American Swiss organizations, the respective Honorary Consul of Switzerland, the Consulate General in Chicago and other GACC organizations.

Duties of Members:

I. Every member shall pay yearly dues as decided at the general meeting. Dues shall be paid no later than the first annual meeting. Should a member be temporarily unable to pay his or her dues, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the Treasurer of this fact.

II. Members shall pay any additional fees for meals and entertainment at regular club events. Such charges shall be made known ahead of time to enable members to decide whether or not to participate in specific events.

III. Members shall give notice to respective DSS officers of changes in address. Members shall also respond with their intent to participate in DSS events or activities whenever advance notice is requested. This is a courtesy to allow the DSS board and respective committees to plan accordingly.

IV. Members shall give notice to the DSS about known sickness or plight of fellow DSS members.

V. Members are encouraged to actively participate in DSS events and activities. As the DSS is principally a social organization it stands to reason that the organization will function most effectively with increased participation from our members. Members are further encouraged to join committees and lend their assistance to help support club activities.

General Rules:

I. It takes two-thirds of the members present at any DSS event to expel a member from the organization. If less than 30 members are present, a statement must be put in writing, citing specific grounds for expulsion and be undersigned by no less than 20 members.

II. Any written complaint received by the DSS board shall be evaluated to determine the proper course of action. If deemed necessary, the President shall appoint a committee to investigate the complaint. Following collection of facts, appropriate actions shall be taken as decided by the board.

III. Should any officer neglect his or her duties to the detriment of the welfare of the DSS, said officer shall be promptly relieved of his or her duties and replaced.

IV. No membership lists or personal information about club members or officers shall be given to any person or organization without prior board approval.

V. Any article in this constitution may by two thirds vote be amended or replaced at the general meeting. If less than 30 people are present, a request must be put in writing and undersigned by no less than 20 members.

Prior Revisions to the Constitution:

January 18, 1981

January 12, 1974